The Beginner's Guide to Snorkelling: Dive Into the Underwater World with Confidence



Imagine floating weightlessly in crystal-clear waters, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and mesmerizing marine life. That's the allure of snorkelling – an activity that offers a window into the fascinating underwater world without requiring any special skills or certifications. Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned swimmer, snorkelling is an accessible and exhilarating adventure that anyone can enjoy. In this easy how-to guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to start snorkelling with confidence.


Choose the Right Gear:

  • Snorkel Mask: Opt for a high-quality mask that fits snugly on your face without causing discomfort. Test the fit by placing the mask against your face without using the strap; it should create a seal and stay in place.
  • Snorkel: Go for a snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece made from durale materials. This way you'll be able to reuse them for a long time.
  • Fins: Select fins that are comfortable to wear and provide efficient propulsion through the water.
  • Optional: Depending on where you are and what the water temperatures are like, wetsuits or rash guards can be handy for warmth and protection against sunburn

Practice Proper Breathing Techniques:

    • Breathe through your mouth using the snorkel tube, keeping the mouthpiece securely between your teeth.
    • Take slow, deep breaths to conserve energy and maintain a relaxed state.
    • If water enters the snorkel, exhale forcefully to clear it out through the top of the snorkel.
    Master Basic Swimming Skills:
    • Familiarise yourself with basic swimming strokes such as freestyle and breaststroke.
    • Practice treading water and floating on the surface to build confidence and comfort in the water.
    Safety First:
    • Always snorkel with a buddy for added safety and assistance if needed.
    • Choose snorkelling locations with calm waters, clear visibility, and minimal currents.
    • Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid touching or disturbing marine life.
    • Know your limits and exit the water if you feel fatigued, cold, or uncomfortable. 

    Explore the Underwater World:

    • Start in shallow waters close to the shore where you can easily stand if needed.
    • Use your fins to propel yourself gently through the water while observing the marine life below.
    • Take breaks as needed to adjust your equipment, reapply sunscreen, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

    Capture Memories:
    • Consider bringing a waterproof camera case for your phone or GoPro to capture stunning underwater photos and videos. I highly recommend using ProShotCase phone cases for underwater photos. It's what I use for all my underwater photos and videos! Use my affiliate code "missninasea" for 20% off your case.
    • Remember to focus on experiencing the moment rather than solely on capturing the perfect shot.


    Snorkelling offers a magical glimpse into the wonders of the underwater world, making it an ideal activity for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. By following these simple steps and safety precautions, you can embark on your snorkelling journey with confidence and enjoy countless unforgettable experiences beneath the waves. So grab your gear, dive in, and let the ocean's beauty mesmerise you!



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